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AHHC- 5 Areas of Focus

A Little More About What We Do

Youth Programs- AHHC hosts music, art and leadership based workshops, assemblies, camps, conferences and training for youth and young adults including: writing classes, music and video production camps, leadership training, urban arts workshops and more!

Whitney High School Interview with Writing & Reciting  (4:44)

Promo for "Music REC and Reflect" Music Video Camp

Community Involvement and Leadership- AHHC helps young people and families get involved in the community through service, outreach and events focused on finding solutions to community issues such as: substance abuse, mental health challenges, bullying, discrimination, financial literacy, violence, youth empowerment, boredom etc. They provide opportunities for people to build upon skills and interests, while also GETTING INVOLVED and GIVING BACK to their community. Many students and young adults complete community service hours for school projects, probation or college applications with AHHC. AHHC also refers participants to appropriate community agencies when they need services.

Artist Development and Entrepreneurism- AHHC works with young independent artists aspiring to achieve success, while gaining technical and leadership skills that will help them achieve their goals, in whatever path they choose. Using an extensive artist network, AHHC also helps them seek out professional outlets and business opportunities within their artistry.

Official "Move On" Music Video

Official "Miracles" Music Video

Cultural Awareness- AHHC emphasizes working together with other groups and learning about people and cultures in the community. In the spirit of “Each One, Teach One”, they host Cultural Exchanges, where groups from different backgrounds get together and share about their groups/cultures and learn about each other in a fun and supportive environment. Beats, Lyric and Leaders is a project we are currently collaborating on and working to bring to Auburn.

Official "Beats, Lyrics, Leaders" Website

"Vision of the Drum" Promo

"Setting the Stage" Promo 

Quality Events- AHHC hosts annual events such as: Sustainability Awareness Festival, AHHC Ambassador Leadership Training and ‘Give Thanks!- Community Awards Ceremony’. We also work with other organizations (KidsFirst, Whole Person Learning, Placer County Youth Commission, 49er Lion’s Club and Lincoln Lighthouse) on events throughout the year.

Placer Community Foundation Reception Featuring Golden Gloves

KidsFirst Blue Tie Affair Event featuring Entertainment by Auburn Hip Hop Congress

Santa Cruz Cypher Sessions and AHHC 

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